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Boxed Chalkware Wall Hanging Set: Yellow and Pink Apes

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Please note this listing is for just the first set pictured, the other photos are to show how they are packaged and presented. These chalkware sets are made to look like the original packaging from such sets sold from the 1950s-1970s. Opening the box, you can remove the tray insert by pulling the twine handle. On the back of the insert, the pieces are held in with another piece of twine that can be removed so they can be hung on a wall and put back into the box if you want. Each box and insert tray are painted individually and foil labels (with incorrect dates) are affixed to each box. (Under the insert is a correct Zimot marking with the correct date as well as some free loot) Each piece is painted with pearlescents, decorated with rhinestones and heavily clear coated. Much time was spent lamenting over how to present these until we happened upon a boxed set of some 60s chalkware and it was obvious that what I should do. I put a lot into the detail and think they came out very nice, at least they came out how I wanted them to. Again, this listing is only for the set in the first picture.