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Zimot Industries

Evil Jesus: Blood Bomb (glued head)

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***please note, the head came loose while pulling it from the mold. Before it was fully cured I epoxied it on where it cracked but you can see a slight line… you might not notice if I didn’t say but I know so it’s half price****

Jesus Christ skids around on a holy apparatus powered by the misery of 6 desperate children. Their indifferent moans fill the hallways of heaven with what seems like the deepest of sorrow… but their sorrow is small compared to those of the Christ. Cheer up everyone! Tomorrow’s another day and we can try again! 

A bootleg of something called “SENHOR SANTO CRISTO” that I found at an antique mall in Canada. One of the most confounding of all religious items I have found. 

About 9 3/4” tall and nearly 4lbs.