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Zimot Industries

Professor Glyph: Waiting for the Blues

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After his lab partner and good friend Ape failed in his helmet experiments, Professor Sad Dog decided to try another way to contact and save the 13 lost glyphs. He invented a powerful pill that, in theory, would project his consciousness across time and space to give the glyphs a locator beam so they might find their way home. 

Unfortunately the pill seems to have frozen the professor and caused glyph like sprouting  to occur. He’s been frozen like this for some time, the other scientists have pushed him into the corner where he stands frozen. They are using him as a coat rack and mockingly referring to him as “Professor Glyph”. But is it a failure? Maybe it just takes a while?

Resin printed, transparent blue, color shifting teal/purple and holo flaked. About 4 1/2”