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Zimot Industries

Zimot Brand Mystic Charms: Series 1

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5 resin printer charms of random Zimot items, 30mm tall. 

Each series 1 charm is individually painted and embellished with rhinestones, each package of 5 is signed and numbered. There are a total of 23 available in this series.

A long winded explanation of my process of planning and execution of these follows:


My inspiration in making these is a combination of cheap Cracker Jack type prizes and 70’s rack toys with low quality packaging. As always I try and pay attention to detail in getting the flavor right while making the whole product higher quality than you would find in the authentic items that I’m emulating. In this case, choosing a front for the back took me forever until I settled on a knock off Star Trek front (I’ve seen that on rack toys before so it clicked) and then I put the text off center to copy the general low quality to design thing they often did. They are printed in high quality reflective card stock with a space in the front left blank where a price tag might have gone if they were sold on a rack. 

I originally intended to include a jump ring on each one of these so they would be easy to attach to things... I forgot to do so before I packaged them so please ask if you would like some jump rings included. Focusing too hard on making sure each package had unique color combinations and lining them all up in groups of 5 then shifting them around until they felt right for a long time must have made me forget.

Anyhow, this was my first big project after getting a 3D resin printer, a process I should have used when I made capsule toys. If I make more of those, this is what I will use. The resolution is remarkable and I’m super happy with these. I hope maybe you like them too.

I did not proof read this, I have too many thing to make to bother reading something I wrote so I hope it makes some kind of sense, ok?