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Zimot Industries

Sack of Zimot Capsule Toys

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This is a hand painted paper sack of 8 capsule toys. 

7 of the capsules will each contain 3 20mm tall Zimot toys that are each airbrushed 2 colors. The last capsule will either have a 40mm green ape or the very super rare tiny tiny 10mm red Croc Headed Ape. The special capsules include a discount code ranging from $25-$50 off any Zimot order. 

So... for $20 you get 21 normal size  Zimot capsule toys, one either larger, more decorated ape or a tiny tiny non-decorated Croc Headed Ape and everyone gets a discount code for more than the cost of these Sacks of Zimot. 

Is that clear or really confusing?

There are 5 of these available online or if you are in Binghamton NY we have a vending machine of them at Robot City Games. OK?