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Zimot Industries

The Cat Who Loved Sad Dogs

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On a cold night this cat found it’s self locked out of the intergalactic station wagon it normally slept in. A Sad Dog passed by and the cat was truly touched by the tear rolling down the dog’s cheek. The cat fell instantly and deeply in love with this Sad Dog even though the dog was never seen again. The cat decided to make it’s self into a shine for it’s love of the dog which was very inconvenient from that day forward. 

The next night the station wagon was unlocked and life resumed as normal besides the bizarre and outlandish way the cat now looks.

This supreme cat features large resin claws and Sad Dog head, felt heart and whatever the things around the eyes are, 6 resin charms on chains and fluffy, red hair. Rhinestone nose heart and normal rhinestone eyes are included on the Sad Dog head.