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Zimot Industries

Zimot Brand Extreeme Ceramicks

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So I’ve been fooling around with UV reactive and glow in the dark pant lately. I have some cheaper glow paint that hardly glows and some fancy phosphorescent paint that glows like crazy but only green. I found if I work in layers, two color, one phosphorescent, then repeat, that I can keep the black light reactions while making the glow come through. So why not do both... but then I wanted them to have the dingy old junk store ceramic look in the daylight. So that’s is the secret origin story. 

Alternative text:

A time traveling walrus came into the year 2379 and decided to reestablish the Zimot brand, long after all life on earth became extinct in the year 2023. These are his first product. He sent them back into the year 2020 since there was no one to buy them in the dead future. Now you can buy.

Might as well, nothing much else going on, you know? 

 5 1/2” to 6 1/2”